How it happened!

I made a key chain from my old dog's collar for myself.  But I did not realize how it would impact so many other people.  We had to put down my stepson's dog last year.  I decided to make a key chain for Chase from Cosmo's collar.  Once I finished it, I walked back inside with the key chain jingling in my hand.  Before I realized our 2-year-old golden came running up to me with them most amount of excitement, waiting, hoping to see Cosmo one more time.  At that point, I realized how important this gift is.

Cosmo's collar had a clip that I was able to separate.  I made one key chain with Cosmo's jingles for Chase.  And from the other side of the clip, I made a second key chain for Chase's Dad.  

Animals are so important in our lives.  That jingle means so much.