Old Dog Collar

Do you miss them? Do you want to hear that familiar jingle again?

For dog lovers, little in life compares to the difficulty of having your best friend go over the Rainbow Bridge. We personally understand that love and lossvery well.


After our son Chase lost his beloved yellow lab Cosmo, we wanted to console him with a small token that would keep Cosmo close to him. I took Cosmo’s collar and converted it into a key chain—one that has that familiar feel and jingle that we always associated with our sweet pup. It’s a special gift that Chase cherishes.


I knew then that I wanted to provide that gift to others who are missing and grieving for their loved pets.


If you, a friend, or a family member has lost a furry family member, it would be my honor to help you hold onto a small piece of them with an item of theirs you’ll see, touch, and hear daily. Owners, friends, or family members can send their pup's (or kitty’s) collar to me. I will handle that with care as I convert it to a keychain and return it safely to you in special packaging.

Veterinarian’s Re-Order

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